Body Treatments


Hotel Luis **** offers its guests a wide range of beauty treatments.

Regenerate your energy and take time off to enjoy the little things in life. We offer you different choices of treatments.

Be inspired and look forward to a very special holiday treat!


  • Salt scrub: it assures a cellular renewal thank to mineral salts, beeswax, E vitamin and menthol. It removes dead cells, it gives smoothness and prepares to other specific treatments.
  • Seaweed compress: it’s a mud which is made from a special, full of minerals seaweed. It has an anti-cellulite effect because it acts on cellular metabolism and it increases microcirculation. It contains also CAFFEIN, essence that has reductant properties and anti-edema effect. By the end of the treatment you will feel a deflating sensation and very light.
  • specific cream massage

€ 70,00 lasts 50′


  • Salt scrub
  • Muscolar tone activator
  • Seaweed compress
  • Anti-cellulite cream massage: it actys against cellulite and the lost of muscolar tone than to ivy, oak and chestnut tree extract. It increases microcirculation and the removal of fluids.
  • We suggest 15′ of sauna before starting the treatment.

€ 70,00 lasts 50′


  • Salt scrub
  • Muscolar tone activator
  • Seaweed compress
  • Specific cream massage: a mixture rich of almond oil , soy proteins and vegetal collagen, which guarantees a reinforcing action. This precious ois give your skin a velvet and fresh look, increasing elasticity and muscolar tone.
  • We suggest 10′ min of sauna and 5′ of cold reaction befor starting the treatment.

€ 70,00 lasts 50′


  • Salt scrub
  • Seaweed compress
  • Menthol cream massage

€ 60,00 lasts 50′

Exclusive “cloud floatation tank” compresses

Choose the treatment you like the most!

Alp flowers and hay’s compress

  • For those who has cellulite, water retention, skin relaxing, swollen legs, adipose tissue. This compress helps toxin removal, muscolar tone and skin elasticity.
  • It lasts 60’ – € 45,00

Chocolate compress

  • The chocolate massage stimolate happines giving wellness and satisfaction.
  • It lasts 60’ – € 60,00

Milk and honey compress

  • Hydrating, nurishing, soothing and smoothing treatment.
  • It lasts 60’ – € 40,00

Dead Sea’s salt compress

  • It reduce liquids and cellulite.
  • It lasts 60’ – € 60,00

Thermal mud compress

  • Purifing and mineralizing body treatment. The application of salt stimulate asthmatic action and liquids removal.
  • It lasts 60’ – € 60,00

“Cloud floatation tank” treatment

  • It lasts 30’ – € 24,00