Our wellness centre, which is located undergroud, is inpired by the ancient roman thermal baths.

Thy were born as hygenic-sanitary structures. Soon they became relax and wellness places, were romans met to talk, read and look at artworks.

Ancient romans used to bath with scents and spicy wines, and after that they used to have massages. Their massages were really similar to ours: they used essential oils and special ointments (which were imported from Egypt).


Our wellness centre wants to take you to those times with pieces of art and things which are inspired by the roman art.

When you enter the principal hallway, there are several niches which contain esteemed wine. This wants to remember the luxury life of nobels, who used to have magnificent meals in their “Domus”. After their meal, they went to thermal baths.

Between the massages rooms and the area which contains the pool and the sauna we can admire four gorgeous panels of the seasons. They remeber us that our body wellness is timeless.

We also have the Laconicum, a room which was really loved by romans, with heated walls and seats where the air is really dry and the temperature is hot.

The pool is a big mosaic, as romas teached us, to relax and a full immersion in the history that brought us to our times.