Beauty treatments


Hotel Luis **** offers its guests a wide range of beauty treatments.

Regenerate your energy and take time off to enjoy the little things in life. We offer you different choices of treatments.

Be inspired and look forward to a very special holiday treat!

Facial cleaning

Normal skin                € 60,00 time 50’
Delicate skin               € 65,00 time 50’
Cellule staminali       € 65,00 time 50’


Normal skin                  € 50,00 time 30′
Delicate skin                € 55,00 time 30′
Cellule staminali        € 55,00 time 30′
It’s an antiange treatment which uses the Argan oil and the staminali cells’ mask. Argan oil is 100% organic.

Manicure basic

Hand cream: a natural screen to protect the skin, giving beauty and softness.

€ 35,00


Relaxing feet balm: the balm completes the relaxing effect of the footbath thank of its balsamic components, which are eucalyptus, menthol and propolis. It’s excellent after a long work day or for those who have to stand up much time during the day.

€ 45,00 time 50′