Primiero Valley


Our Primiero Valley is quite big and it’s located at the feet of Pale di San Martino. Six little villages are part of the valley : Fiera, Siror, Tonadico, Transacqua, Mezzano and Imèr which are linked by little streets and wide gardens.

Fiera di Primiero is named after the fact that even in 1400 it was the commercial centre of the valley. It was arise with the arrival of “canopi”, miners who used to work in the mines of the vally, which gave copper and silver. The position of Fiera is really good thank to the proximity to San Martino di Castrozza, a well known ski resort.

Something that you don’t have to miss near Fiera is the amazing nature that surrounds the valley, among lakes, excursions, animals, high mountain peaks, rivers….+

650-750 meters on sea level.