Primiero’s Traditional Dishes


The Primiero Valley, beside its beautiful and breathtaking territory, offers its guests also some traditional dishes which are a must here.


“Tosèla” it’s the most traditional product of Primireo for sure. It’s a type of fresh cheese, and it could’nt be different because of the pastural vocation of our land.
“Tosèla” it’s a rich dish of our area, made of a daily fresh cheese prepared with whole milk. The milk used comes form cows which are grown between gazing lands and cowsheds. It’s cut in slices which are a finger thick, then fried in a pan with butter. “Tosèla” then is served with mushrooms and cornmeal mush. It represent a very tasty and nutritious dish.

It is also possible to make “Tosèla” more tasty with the “scorzone” , an aalpin black truffle.

Our special “Tosèla” is available to purchase in the Caseificio Sociale del Primiero, about 500m far from the Hotel.

“Botìro di Malga” – alp butter

Another type of cheese which is traditional here is “Botìro”, made in the alpin huts during the summer pasture. It’s not the same butter that we use too eat everywhere now but a butter which is made after our grandparents recipes. Years ago it was made immediately in the alpin huts, during summe with fresh milk.  Even today the method is not changed, and it is as good as it was 50 years ago. This butter has a typical gold/yellow colour, and it has flavourings that only gazing land can give.

You can eat it in curls, with Speck and cucumbers or in the easiest way possible, with jam and bread. Our “Botìro” is one of the most beloved products of Primiero.


From porcino mushrooms (fresh in salad) to those which are kown as “at blood” (grilled with oil, garlic and parsley), and parasol mushroom (breaded and fried). These are another tradition of Primiero. Our forests are full of mushrooms in autumn, and we pick them up just to make you try another special dish. They are also cooked in rice.ti.


Our traditional cusine (from Primiero to Passo Rolle going through Val Canali) offers various recipes which consider the use of many herbs, roots and berries. From cakes prepared with alp butter, flour and salt to the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic infusions.


Desserts are not missing: the thick bush is full of mixed berries such as blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. In our valley, where milk is never insufficent, you have to try these mixed berries with cream. You can’t either miss ricotta with dark and tasty mountain milk.

Another traditional dessert is “Smorum” or “Kaiserschmarrn”, made with milk and flour after the recipe of our grandmothers.



These Traditional products can be eaten in alpin huts and restaurants everywhere in our area. For further information you can find everything written in our Hotel, or you can just ask us.